Plan for Profit: A Guided Process for Developing Your Business

Develop a road map of success

Plan for Profit is a hands-on course designed to sharpen your business skills. Comprised of 3 modules, participants will outline fundamental strategies and goals to create a solid business plan.

Admittance to Plan for Profit is a selective application process based on your business’s feasibility.


Module 1: Foundation and Vision Statement

  • Shape your company’s vision and structure
  • Draft an executive summary
  • Present an overview to peers for constructive feedback

Module 2: Marketing Strategy

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis  – Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat
  • Identify your target market and market needs through market research
  • Develop a brand identity and marketing strategy
  • Present your marketing plan to peers for constructive feedback

Module 3: Financial Analysis

  • Research pricing, sales estimates, and expenses
  • Comprise your financial statement and projections
  • Develop an operations plan
  • Present your business plan to a panel of lenders and business coaches

Each session meets for 3 hours once week in our main office, located at 8 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL.

Make an appointment to see if you qualify by calling (312) 853-3477, ext 100.


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